Main Brewhouse

Last Spike’s main brewery consists of a 100 BBL (117 HL) brewhouse, complete with canning and kegging facilities, for high volume contract and licensed production runs, capable of producing approximately 120,000 BBL (140,000 hL) per annum. Clients have the option of using Last Spike to brew additional capacity, launch their beer solely through our facility, or use specific functions of the brewery, such as the canning or kegging lines.

Pilot Brewery

A 20 BBL pilot system provides flexible small batch production capabilities for contract brewers wanting to introduce, develop, and refine new products, as well as seasonal one-off beers specifically for the Canadian market.

Brewmaster’s Corner

Brewing quality beer requires skilled craftsmen, and skilled craftsmen require the best tools. Our brewhouse is outfitted with top of the line equipment that includes

  • Newlands System:
    • Pilot Brewhouse with fermentation tanks of 20 BBL and 40 BBL
    • Main Brewhouse with 16 fermentation tanks of 400 BBL
  • GEA Centrifuge
  • KHS Flash Pasteurizer
  • Krones 32-valve Canning Line
  • Gruber Keg Filler

Quality Control Laboratory

Last Spike’s laboratory has two primary functions. First is quality control to ensure the ingredients used for brewing meet the requirements of our clients. Every batch brewed will be subject to a stringent quality control tests. The second function is research and development through the application of applied sciences focused on gaining expertise in controlling raw materials, fermentation, and aging processes.