Quality & Craftsmanship

Expert knowledge and state-of-the-art facilities combine to create world class production capabilities. We put a premium on collaboration and innovation, working closely with our clients to brew beer of the highest quality and are dedicated to using local ingredients and the pristine water of the Canadian Rockies to produce high-quality, small to medium batch beers for the Canadian and international markets.

A passion for beer

We are obsessed with beer, and driven by our passion to brew high quality beer for you, our client. We work directly with you to brew your beer, true to your recipe, up to your standards. Our flexible packaging capabilities enables you to deliver great beers, enhance your reputation, and increase your ability to gain access to new markets.

Connecting your beer with more customers

Brewing quality beer is only half the battle. The other half is getting your beer in the hands of as many customers as possible. We take pride in our partnerships and enable you to grow beyond your capacity by facilitating expansion into new markets. Not only can you utilize our outstanding facilities, but also our management team’s connections to the national and global markets are at your full disposal.