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Posted Oct 22, 2018

It’s an odd thing, potential. On the one hand potential is undeniably good. It’s a consensus that someone, or something, has the ability to succeed. However, on another hand, it’s also an obligation. An unwritten benchmark – a touchstone, a measuring stick – of what someone, or something, is meant to live up to. Surely no one can fault having potential, but they can certainly fault not reaching it. Perhaps, then, it would be considered easier to live in a constant state of potential, basking in the comforting dreams of what might come rather than wake up and try to make it a reality.

August 28th, 1996. The day before the opening round of the Greater Milwaukee Open. It’s a relatively mundane PGA tournament, one that would barely register on the schedule, except this year is different. That evening a young man, barely 20-years old, stands behind a podium to address scores of reporters and cameras. These people have gathered in this cramped media tent to see him make his professional debut; the kid they’ve heard has so much potential. Not without caution, or nerves, he waits a full ten seconds before uttering only two worlds: “Hello World.”

When Tiger Woods said those words back in 1996 he was affirming to everyone that he was ready to chase his potential, to prove those who believed in him they were right for putting their faith in a yet unproven product. That is what we’re doing. Proudly announcing that we’re open for business and ready to prove our potential. It’s been a long time coming and we could not be more excited to start working with our clients to show the world what we can do. Between the steadfast leadership of Anthony Van Hecke, and the artistry and skill of Andreas Althof, we know we can do something special here in Calgary.

So here we are, standing behind a podium at the Greater Milwaukee Open, saying hello Calgary, hello Canada, and hello World.